About Us

The New York State Bleeding Disorders Coalition is a partnership of not-for-profit organizations dedicated to public advocacy on behalf of people affected by bleeding disorders in New York State.

Our Coalition includes patient-consumer community organizations and hemophilia treatment centers serving New York State and several regional/national bleeding disorders education and advocacy organizations. Together, these organizations provide a broad range of medical care, education and support services to people affected by bleeding disorders. Learn more about bleeding disorders.

Our Mission

The Coalition is dedicated to ensuring that people affected by bleeding disorders have access to quality health care, giving them the opportunity to live a full and active life. This includes:

  • Adequate and affordable health insurance coverage.
  • Access to a full range of specialized medical care and testing, especially as provided by Hemophilia (bleeding disorders) Treatment Centers.
  • Access to a full range of FDA-approved therapies for their bleeding disorder.
  • Access to a range of specialty pharmacy providers that meet their needs.

Latest State News

Want to make a difference, but unsure who to contact? The resources below will help you find your New York State government representatives:

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